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C., prayer vigil voiced both fear and hope in response to the Libya massacre.“We are afraid about the spreading of the devil all over the world,” said Fr. Rural Egypt, where many of the Christians hailed from, is no friend of Christianity, Fr. While he has not lived in Egypt, the conveyed the situation there from accounts of those who had.

The plight of the Copts was “very bad” under the rule of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, he said. Messeh said, and the hardship for Christians in Egypt is difficult for Americans to truly grasp.

You can read more of his work on his blog, Journey of a Lifetime.

If there’s a way to declare a winner and a loser, then I’m ready to :).

The prayer vigil commemorated the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded last week by the Islamist terror group ISIS.

The Christians had been working in Libya to support their families back home.

I’m back and so is my family and I am excited to be home!

In case you didn’t realize it, I’ve been away for the past two weeks. There were so many great things about this trip but for today, I’ll just focus on what it meant for us as a family – especially for the kids (age 8 and 10)..- The brutal murder of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya at the hands of ISIS last week is shining a light on the reality faced by many of Egypt’s Christians on a daily basis.“These 21 victims, they were not the first and they will not be the last.