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02-Feb-2018 20:41

Today, quality customer service may be what differentiates a company from its rivals.

Retailers with poor customer service risk losing revenues, profits and even going out of business.

The thing is, you probably build things up in your own mind much greater than the situation calls for, and it is rarely as bad as your inner loser is telling you it is.

Try not to generalize the negativity to your entire life.

Before you offer solutions, ask the customer how he would like the problem to be resolved. ("Would you prefer to speak to the manager, or wait until I can finish ringing up these customers' purchases so I can give you more time?

Every day people land on my Blog by typing this desperate phrase into their Google search bar:“My Boss Makes Me Feel Like an Idiot.”This good Google fortune is driven from a couple of posts I wrote dealing with the subject of “feeling stupid at work.” These have led to numerous comments, private emails, and even some behind-the-scenes counseling from good people in bad situations looking for some advice.

Apparently, I have captured a micro-audience of tortured souls dealing with the unpleasant challenge of facing a brutish boss every day. Their story is almost always the same: a once-confident worker is suddenly thrust into a new situation with an intimidating boss, and instead of rising to the challenge, a downward spiral ensues of little mistakes, negative self-talk, more fumbling, obsessive rumination and complete loss of confidence.

Difficult customers come in several varieties, including: First, realize you can't control anyone else's behavior. But you can influence how customers respond to you to some degree.

Dealing with angry customers: When a customer tries to intimidate you, stay calm and ask, "What can we do to help?[top] It is a good practice to set our your expectations of student conduct in your class at the beginning of the term when you are making your usual announcements of evaluation procedures, assignments, etc.

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