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It was as long ago as 1859 that John Stuart Mill suggested we might try to establish “some rule or criterion whereby the justifiableness of intervening in the affairs of other countries, and (what is sometimes fully as questionable) the justifiableness of refraining from intervention, may be brought to a definite and rational test”.

A century and a half later we are no closer to establishing this rulebook for intervention, though we do find ourselves rehearsing remarkably similar dilemmas.

When it comes to the politics of intervention, history can obscure as much as it can advise.

Even the proposition that it is now “too late” to save Syria rests on the assumption that its fate is about to follow a recognisable path, for which there is a precedent.

The self-described “sound mechanic” started building instruments in high school and continued doing so as an art student at Pennsylvania State University in the 1970s.

While experimenting with strings, steel, weight, wood, and tension in sculptures, he accidentally discovered that his creations made sound.

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While others might have heard noise, Feather heard music.

Jane is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

She is particularly interested in genre fiction, and in helping writers to develop their individual, creative voice.

In substance Carter Woodson has produced a definitive and constructive critique of the educational system, with special reference to its blighting effects on the Negro; and the term he used, Mis-education, was the most apt and descriptive word available.

It is still, in 1969, equally as relevant and expressive.

There were included derogatory statements relating to the primitive, heathenish quality of the African background, but nothing denoting skills, abilities, contributions or potential in the image of the Blacks, in Africa or America.

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