Webcam caught

27-Oct-2017 11:01

Now, while everyone should be skeptical about the legitimacy of the "discovery," Thinker Thunder does bring up some interesting observations:1.The character may be 6' to 8' tall when compared to the buffalo.2.My gut feeling tells me they're not.'A spokesperson for the National Park Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday.Videos from North America purporting to show large simian creatures unknown to science have surfaced regularly since at least the 1960s.A video said to be shot in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming shows a group of shadowy bipedal figures, raising questions about whether this may be yet another potential sighting of a 'Bigfoot' creature.

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Usually, when a laptop is stolen its gone for good.

Many people will accept that it’s a Bigfoot because they want very much much to believe it.

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