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Honor killings are directed mostly against women and girls, but have been extended to men.Also spelled "honour killing" (American and British spelling differences).Domestic violence occurs when the abuser believes that abuse is acceptable, justified, or unlikely to be reported.It may produce intergenerational cycles of abuse in children and other family members, who may feel that such violence is acceptable or condoned.An abuser uses physical and sexual abuse, or the fear of it, to get and maintain control over his partner.Over time, the violence usually becomes more dangerous, and the attacks more frequent.The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to domestic violence: Domestic violence – pattern of abusive behaviors by one or both partners in an intimate relationship, such as marriage, dating, family, or cohabitation.It is also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV). The following table includes the forms of violence typically defined as part of Intimate partner violence, which is domestic violence in an intimate relationship by one's spouse or lover.

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The Equality Wheel shows the same areas and how they are handled in a non-abusive relationship.Domestic violence and pregnancy – abusive behavior towards a pregnant woman that whether physical, verbal or emotional, produces many adverse physical and psychological effects for the mother and fetus.Honor killing – homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family or community.Raising Respect was developed through a grant from the Heinz Foundation.

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A community activist, who became a passionate advocate against domestic violence following the tragic loss of his daughter, will receive the Excellence in Male Leadership Award from the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV) during a ceremony before the Philadelphia Phillies game on Saturday, June 17.It includes articles written by professionals in the field of domestic violence and prevention and includes tips on how to approach conversations with your teen on certain topics.