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In the examples below, we are querying a marketing list that contains hundreds of marketing publications and submissions.The document library has a number of metadata fields used to describe those documents, including the following fields: * Marketing Document Type (the type of document. Publication, Submission, etc) * Year (the year the publication or submission relates to) * Group (the business group) The examples below demonstrate a number of business cases, an example of the script used and the report that gets created.One such example is grouping documents/listitems by certain metadata (e.g.

This tutorial will show you how to incorporate an Ant build script into your Android projects (even if you still develop with Eclipse), create your release package ready for Marketplace deployment in one step, create a build configuration using a properties file, and alter your source files based on the configuration.

To deploy your applications using Eclipse, you simply right-click on the on the project, choose to export the application, and follow the prompts There are a few things we cannot easily do with this system, though.