Browser not updating favicon

03-Dec-2017 20:22

Every Mac user knows that it’s essential to have your machine running in tip-top condition to keep things speedy and in good shape.One of the most common complaints among the Mac community is that Safari can become slow, but there are lots of easy ways to speed it up slightly.For instance, you may change some styles in the CSS or replace the favicon.Since the file typically retains the same filename, the browser has no way of knowing it has been updated.Favicon has different behaviors in different browsers.And most browser needs the icon to be on the same domain as the blog.Our clients revisit our site daily looking for remote technical support, so we need to be able to force their browsers to grab updated stylesheets as we expand our site.

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Next, just delete the file to send it to the Trash.The fix could have been shorter and faster, by deleting the complete caches from your browser it would have been updated without trying the above fixes, but it's not always wiser to use easier solution.