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25-Sep-2017 17:01

Alteryx Server, scale the critical analytic workflows to meet data and analytic requirements, schedule…

A less formal, but no less important way of helping to make the decision: is this right for me?

We are looking to get to know the real you with evidence of good communication, open dialogue, initial culture fit, competency match and corroborative proof.

Before you fully commit, we think a test drive makes all the difference. The project will deal with a real situation and will be tailored to the work family for which you apply.

It makes perfect sense to inform the relevant data stakeholders and technical teams of their forthcoming commitments before the migration kicks off.

It can be very difficult to drag a subject matter expert out of their day job for a 2-3 hours analysis session once a week if their seniors are not onboard, plus by identifying what resources are required in advance you will eliminate the risk of having gaps in your legacy or target skillset.

To help, I've compiled a list of 'must-do' activities that ​I've found to be essential to successful migrations.